Rochedale Childcare June/July 2016 Newsletter

Master Chef Kindy

Rochedale Childcare June/July 2016 Newsletter

Your children will become what you are; So be what you want them to be. – BY David Bly

Rochedale Childcare June July 2016 Office News

Wow, we are already more than half way through the year!!!

Welcome to our new families that have just started with us, we trust you will enjoy being a part of our family at Parfrey Road Education & Childcare.


Booking envelopes have been sent home, please fill them out and hand then into the office!

Class photo times will be:

  • Toddler room 9.30 am
  • Pre-Kindy Room 10.15
  • Kindergarten room 11.00

The photographer will be at the Centre from 8.00am if you would like your individual photos taken earlier


Rochedale Childcare Storypark

We are so excited about our NEW digital progamming with Storypark, which has allowed us to involve families more actively and conveniently in their child’s learning.

We’ve been able to share photos, videos and documentation of your child’s day here at Kindy, instantaneously, directly to YOU!

We’ve had LOADS of positive feedback about Storypark, and we hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with Angel or Deb in the front office.


  • Parents can you please advise the office of any changes to phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts and emails J
  • Sign in/out morning and afternoon
  • PLEASE NO plastic zip lock bags or cling wrap
  • Please make sure your child has closed in shoes, as thongs & crocs are not safe climbing shoes.
  • Please name all children’s items
  • Please provide fruit & vegetables ONLY for morning/afternoon teas


 We had 6 families receive movie passes this month, just for referring their friends to our centre. Thanks so much and well done!!! Also, don’t forget to tell them that we also have SHORT DAY CARE, at three days for the price of two :)

Rochedale Childare - Refer a Friend Rochedale Childcare 3 for 2

Rochedale Childcare newsletter

Wow! Our Toddlers have made so much progress this year, over June we further developed this progress by extending on individual strengths and by focussing attention on individual weaknesses. Many of the older toddlers are displaying strengths in communication by using short sentences to express ideas or how they are feeling. The children are also developing curiosity, cooperation, confidence and creativity within the learning environment and using a wide range of equipment to experiment with.

Our younger toddlers are displaying knowledge of routine and confidence with simple self-help tasks, such as looking after their own belongings, pulling their pants up and down and turning taps on and off. Well done toddlers!!!

Rochedale Childcare Toddlers News

Due to the popularity of the movie, “Finding Dory”, the children have begun to show an interest in fish and other ocean life, under the sea! So, as a part of our learning over the next few weeks, the children will be participating in many different “Under the Sea” activities.

Through the toddler’s creativity and enthusiasm, our room is quickly becoming an “Ocean World”.

You may have also noticed that they’re really enjoying some new rhymes and songs:

  • Open Shut Them
  • Twinkle, Twinkle
  • Scarecrow
  • Wash Your Face

We encourage families to practice with them at home in order to improve their communication skills!

Thank you to Cooper’s mum (Mel) for your input on our personal hygiene practices and Germ prevention! It’s great to hear that Cooper brushes his teeth without any grumpiness!

A couple of REMINDERS: Please do not bring in any BIG teddies, as they are too big to fit into the children’s bags and also NO babies or baby accessories, as they can get lost very easily.

Miss Peita, Miss Deb & Miss Tahlia

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

What busy few months we’ve had in the Pre-Kindy Room! It’s been great to see the children trying to explain their knowledge and express interest in many different topics.

Etetia and Chase were fascinated with the rubbish trucks that collect our rubbish every Monday, so we had a week focused on activities and discussions about recycling! The children recycled various items for craft projects, including making our hanging planter pots on the veranda out of yoghurt containers, milk bottles and juice bottles. We looked at many recycling stories and explored how difRochedale Childcare Pre Kindy Newsferent recycling materials are re-used to make NEW items.

After all the cooking for the Mother`s Day Morning Tea, the children’s “senses” were going crazy! So, we spent a week talking about our “5 senses” and what they do. The children did lots of fun experiments, such as food tasting and touching samples, we had a lot of fun that week J

While in the sandpit, the children expressed an interest in volcanoes and earthquakes. So we read lots of exciting and interesting stories, experimented by making our own volcanoes and “protective clothing”, and looked at pictures comparing a “sleepy” volcano and an “active” volcano.

Finn and Seth showed an interest in dinosaurs, which led the whole classroom to explore our dinosaur friends. We created our own dinosaur mural, read various books about dinosaurs and had lots of fun creating imaginary dinosaur worlds!

Following “Dinosaurs” the children started to show an interest in the large toy insect collection we have, which we’ve continued to extend by learning about bees, ants, beetles, butterflies and mosquitos!

We look forward to seeing what the children come up with in the next few months!

Miss Leah, Miss Lana & Miss Taylor

Newsletter Designs

Since Miss Jenelle returned from her holidays, we’ve been super busy!

The children loved looking at Miss Jenelle’s souvenirs and were most interested in news about the volcanoes!

They’ve had lots of opportunities to express themselves creatively, with “Home Corner” being made into lots of interesting “pop-up” focuses, such as the Robot Workshop, “Masterchef Kindy”, and the Hairdressers.

Our Robot Workshop encouraged the use of our imaginations with lots of construction using boxes, tape and glue!

Rochedale Childcare Kindy News

The children decided to have their own “Masterchef”. So we did some research by watching a little bit of the show on the laptop and made our own Mystery Boxes! Miss Jenelle filled them with interesting fresh ingredients which we turned into GREAT dishes! Look out TV contestants, we are coming for you 😉

Once we were finished with Masterchef, we decided to play “Hairdresser”. Miss Rhonda was the beneficiary of some amazing hairstyles!

We’ve also been looking at lots of literacy and numeracy concepts. The children are showing increased interest in writing to express their ideas and using experimental writing to record these ideas.  This ‘writing’ might look like gibberish to us, but to the children it’s an expression of their intent and shows an understanding of the purpose of writing to convey a message. This is an important first step in literacy development and we’re very proud to be seeing it!

We’ve been looking at shapes in more detail and talking about how many sides different types of shapes have.  This increases numeracy understanding and recognition by requiring the children to count through numeral recognition, 1 to 1 correspondence and also includes aspects of early geometry, symmetry, fractions, and angles.  Most importantly, it is something that interests the children and this makes it easier to learn, and more fun too!

We’ve also been discussing the world of Storypark and have been looking at our daily entries after Miss Jenelle posts them.  This has increased our afternoon discussions and developed more re-call of the day’s activities, thus allowing the children to better learn and retain information. This also help the Educators to formulate some plans and ideas for the next day at Kindy.

Please feel free to ask us about Storypark, or start a conversation online! Out Kindergarten community can talk with each other, or you can comment privately with your child’s teacher/teachers. We are learning as we go, but we are confident that Storypark will help us communicate better with you, about your child, and inform families and teachers of important information.

Thanks from,
Jenelle,  Rhonda and the Kindergarten children.