Child Safety with Renata at Rochedale Childcare

Rochedale Childcare Safety Show

Throughout the year at Parfrey Road Education & Childcare, we look forward to providing four educational shows for the children. As Early Birds Education & Childcare values interactive learning experiences in which the children are able to engage with members from the greater community, we see it as a fantastic opportunity for the children to be able to experience these shows and extend their learning further with follow up discussions and activities related to the topics covered. Not to mention, they enable everyone, including the Educators (and some parents) to participate in something different and exciting as part of the early learning process.

One of the children’s favourite teachers and entertainers, is Renata Jayne, who recently paid us a visit at our Rochedale Centre to perform her ‘Child Safety Show’.


Rochedale Childcare Safety Show


With guitar in hand, Renata comes to sing songs and tell stories about a wide variety of topics, including families, the environment and multiculturalism, all in a way that the children can understand and relate to.

This time it was all about child safety and as usual, she DID NOT disappoint!


Rochedale Chidlcare Safety Show

Rochedale Childcare Safety Show


During her performance, Renata spent time engaging the children in song, story and discussion about who they feel safe with, who they can trust, ‘stranger danger’ and inappropriate touching. She covered ‘good and bad touching’ and ‘good and bad secrets’ through a puppet storytelling session in which she expressed, that we must keep all communication open with our parents and loved ones.

Aside from thoroughly enjoying the show, the children walked away feeling not only entertained, but also more knowledgeable about how to react in different situations.


Rochedale Childcare Safety Show

Rochedale Childcare Safety


We couldn’t be more grateful for Renata instilling these important messages into our children’s minds and we look forward to providing further ‘extended learning experiences’ related to this topic which we’ll be sharing with our families!