Rochedale Childcare April/May 2016 Newsletter

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter


QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.”

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

Welcome to our new families that have started with us! We hope you’re feeling at home at our Centre, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to email or call Angel in the front office from Monday – Friday 6.30 am – 3.00 pm J


  • It is getting a little cooler in the mornings, and children are wearing additional clothing, please remember to name all clothing.
  • REMEMBER to refer your friends and family so you can BOTH receive a THANK YOU GIFT!

      Rochedale Childcare Newsletter         Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

April 22nd ANZAC day Celebrations

April 25th CLOSED for ANZAC DAY public holiday

May 2nd CLOSED for Labour Day public holiday

May 6th: Mother`s Day Morning Tea  9.30 -11am


Etetia 7th
Oliver 9th
Dante 10th
Georgia 10th
Hunter 18th

Isabella 6th
Amelia 14th
Madison 16th
Seth H 20th


Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

Earlier this month, you might have seen Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge lit up in all its blue glory or heard about local residents and organisations “going blue”.  Well, that’s because April is GO BLUE FOR AUTISM month!

Each year on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day, iconic buildings across the world turn their lights blue to promote autism awareness. In support of this initiative, we’d like to share Autism Queensland’s request for people to Go Blue for April and help raise awareness and funds to support Queenslanders of all ages living with ASD and their families. To get involved or to make a donation, visit:


ANZAC Day is fast approaching and as one of the most important historical dates in our country’s calendar, it’s one that understandably, our nation honours accordingly. As time passes, it’s become even more important to keep the memory and stories of all the soldiers alive in our youngest generation.

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

A great way to introduce and explain a topic like this to our children is through books! Some recommended book titles you may be interested in sourcing for your children, include:




Triple P Kuraby Christian Church is pleased to be hosting a FREE Triple P session for local families on Tuesday May 10th from 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm. Parents/carers can register for this session via

To support parents/carers in their attendance, we are offering childcare by prior arrangement. Enquiries regarding this can be made to

Rochedale Childcare newsletter

For the next few months the Toddler Room will be learning about “Healthy Eating” and “Hygiene”. Currently, we’re doing different art activities and cooking with our healthy foods.

Rochedale Childcare NewsletterYou’ll also notice we’re taking photos of your child eating and enjoying their healthy morning and afternoon tea, and placing it up on our Learning Wall. After we’ve finished learning about “healthy foods”, we’ll move on to learning about “hygiene” with different activities & experiences.

We encourage all parents / guardians to get involved and help the educators extend on these different learning experiences by:

  • Letting us know if your child does not like any particular fruits or vegetables by speaking to us in person or leaving it in our “Family Comment Box”.
  • Bringing in any unusual or different fruits / vegetables to share with our Toddler Room.
  • Bringing in and reading any books on “healthy eating” or “hygiene practices”.

The children have also been enjoying learning new songs and rhymes! We’re currently learning:

  • “If you’re happy and you know it”
  • “Bee Hive”
  • “Open shut them”

Finally, we’d like to thank Kadaya`s mum for using our “Family Comment Book” and remind all other parents / guardians to please leave your comments and suggestions! We really appreciate your valuable input on what we are doing in our classroom and in the entire Centre J

Miss Peita, Miss Debbie & Miss Tahlia

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

We’ve had a packed full couple of weeks with more to come in the Pre-Kindy room!

Firstly, we’d like to welcome Elyssa, Seth, Patrick, Ryde and their families to our Centre! We hope you all enjoy your time with us! We’d also like to welcome our new Pre-Kindy children that have moved up from the Toddler Room; Etetia, Oliver, Isabella and Hunter! Sadly, we’ve had to say good-bye to Harmony and her family and wish them all the best.

The children had a couple of weeks preparing for their Easter Bonnet Parade by making Easter cards and baskets, as well as lots of yummy food for our Easter Morning Tea. Thank you to everyone who came along for the morning! The children really enjoyed hosting this event for you at their kindy 🙂

Rochedale Childcare NewsletterAt the end of March, we finished off our “Learning Wall Project” of “How do we look after our bodies?” This was done through a week of cooking both “healthy foods” and “sometimes foods”, including a day of making their own sandwiches for lunch, in which they created some really interesting combinations 😉

Everyone really enjoyed participating in these cooking experiences and learning about safety and hygiene during the cooking process. And as to be expected they LOVED eating cupcakes, zucchini slice and iced biscuits!

Over the school holidays, the children enjoyed outdoor messy play with lots of different sensory activities, such as shave foam, “slime”, “goop”, water play, muddy play and bubbles!

We also looked closer at topics of interest for the children and extended our learning about these topics through various play experiences. Some of these interests included, peacocks, volcanoes and recycling.

These interests started when Seth brought in some beautiful peacock feathers for “Show & Tell” after returning from his Easter Holiday on Macleay Island. We looked up the important facts about peacocks and made our own peacocks out of paper plates!

After Lennox, Finn and Chase expressed their interest in volcanoes, we made an erupting volcano in the sandpit and looked at pictures of “awake and sleeping volcanoes”. The children then created their own volcanos!


Until next time,
Miss Leah, Miss Lana, Miss Taylor & Miss Jan

Rochedale Childcare Newsletter

As per usual it’s been a very busy time in the Kindergarten Room over the last couple of months.

We’ve had lots of celebrations, including St Patrick’s Day, Easter as well as ANZAC Day and Mother’s Day coming up. We’ve being having lots of discussions about these events and their importance as well as shared our ideas and information amongst each other.

The children have expressed themselves in “Home Corner”, through a range of role-play scenarios, including our “Construction and Building office”, our “Emergency Services and Doctors Clinic”, and our “Hairdressing Salon”.  While each of these scenarios were in “Home Corner”, we had many discussions before, during and after our play.

These included topics such as:

  • “Which Emergency Service do you call for………?” and “What number do you call if you have an Emergency”;
  • How does a Building and Construction company work? Who sends the workers out on jobs, and what jobs do they do?
  • How do we safely play Hairdressers (without actually cutting any hair, or poking an eye out with a bobby pin)?

Rochedale Childcare NewsletterAfter this, we moved on to a new and exciting play and learning idea: Camping at Kindy! One afternoon while playing in the “Rock Garden”, a group of children made a ‘campfire’ using sticks, seedpods and rocks for a border. This inspired us to talk about what kind of things you would need if you went camping.  So, we made a list and decided which things we had at Kindy and which things we needed to get from other places. Miss Jenelle brought in a tent to put up in the yard and off we went on our camping adventure!!! J

Just a reminder, that Miss Jenelle is away from May 13th until June 2nd and Miss Rhonda will be let loose on the group (with help, of course!)

Finally, we’d like to thank all those parents who have added comments to our “Kindy Book” for Miss Rhonda’s birthday and for those who have filled in a “Parent Comment slip”. If you haven’t done so before and/or you don’t already know, they are located in the two colourful boxes on the lockers. We always appreciate your feedback and comments as they help us gauge both the children’s and our performance!

Keep on learning!
Miss Jenelle and Miss Rhonda