Every Bunny Loves a Parade at Rochedale Childcare Centre

Every autumn, we look forward to warm hot cross buns, multi-coloured chocolate eggs, rabbits appearing in all the shop windows and getting to spend extra time with the family, away from work and school. At Parfrey Road Education and Childcare, our annual Easter Bonnet Parade is just one of those traditions which we love looking forward to and organising around Easter time!

This month, before everyone took their much needed time off for the Easter Long Weekend, we happily welcomed all mums, dads, grandmas, grandads and other family members into our Early Childhood Education and Care Centre.

Easter 2016

Together, we witnessed the childrens’ AMAZING Easter decorations and Bonnet creations for the Easter parade! We enjoyed yummy food and treats that the children proudly baked earlier in the week, as well as admired all their other crafty handywork on display!

It was wonderful, not only to watch the children celebrate with their families, but also to see them engage in fun Easter games and activities with each other, as well as see the children show off everything they’ve been learning at our Parfrey Road Service.

Easter 2016

As always, we are so grateful for all the parents and guardians that are able to get involved in their children’s early learning experiences.

We thank everyone for coming to our momentous event and we hope you all had a wonderful Easter break!