Ending the Year with Holiday Cheer at Parfrey Road Childcare

The month of December has been an absolute whirlwind of decorating for Christmas, practicing our Chrissy concert carols, preparing for our Kindy Graduation Ceremony and generally having a lot of summer season fun! Everyone’s been so busy we’ve barley had time to reflect on what a significant year it’s been at Parfrey Road Education and Childcare.

In 2015, we celebrated birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many other occasions with countless family and friends, we made new friends with various members of the Rochedale community and we even established a brand new website and Facebook Page. Our Early Learning Centre and all of its people have grown older, wiser and better than ever! But the most important and meaningful progression has been the remarkable development of our little Early Birds. Every day they’ve continue to impress us with how quickly they’re becoming tiny adults. As their Educators, it’s been so wonderful to share these moments, both big and small, with every parent, caregiver and child at Parfrey Road.

It’s such a blessing that we were able to celebrate everyone’s acheivements at our end-of-year Christmas Concerts and Kindergarten Graduation this month. All the children sang and performed beautifully and we couldn’t have been happier with Santa, the BIG MAN himself, making a few special appearances 😉

Of course the celebration must eventually come to an end and with both happiness and saddness in our hearts, we say hello to 2016 and goodbye to our Kindergarten Class of 2015, wishing them well on their journey to bright futures ahead! As always, we look forward to the new year, with new possibilities and accept the honour, once again, of both moulding and learning from beautiful little minds.

All we can say is if 2016 is anything like this year, it will be absolutely EXTRA-ordinary!