It’s Always Sunny at Parfrey Road Childcare

The silly summer season is upon us and things are heating up quickly this year, so we’ve started making changes accordingly at Parfrey Road Education and Childcare Centre.

Warmer weather means lots of outdoor play and that doesn’t just mean the usual “outside activities”. Of course we provide various outdoor sports and games, and the always popular “water play activities”, or even some gardening and nature walks for something a little calmer for the children to experience.


Enjoying some water play fun!

Surprisingly, some of the children’s favourite “outdoor play” are activities usually classed as “indoor activities”. While we feel it’s our job to encourage our little Rochedale earlybirds to stay active, we say why not take advantage of the fresh air and provide the children with outdoor painting, drawing, waffle blocks and rugs out on the grass to play on.


Safely enjoying the sunny outdoors and a bit of fresh air!

Staying outdoors in the sunshine, partaking in both indiviual and group activities is incredibly beneficial to children’s physcial, social and emotional wellbeings. However, it is important to keep a sun-safety checklist in mind while having fun outside at both Kindy and at home:

  1. Check the UV rating for the day
  2. Apply sunscreen
  3. Wear protective clothing
  4. Wear HATS with wide brims
  5. Have frequent water breaks
Digital Camera

Enjoying some sun safe active play!

At Parfrey Road Education and Childcare we pride ourselves in prioritising children’s wellbeing and we’re happy to say that allowing them to have an absolute blast is major part of this!