Embracing the outdoors at Parfrey Road Childcare in Rochedale

Some of our fondest memories of childhood is playing outside, and lets be honest, our parents were happy about it because we couldn’t make a mess indoors.

Well these days, with all the technological activities that children have access to, it’s more important than ever to get them outside! At Parfrey Road Education and Childcare, we do this any way we can, by encouraging the children to partake in activities that most of us associate with being indoors. These activities include, setting up easels and tables outside to do art projects, or putting out rugs and pillows for the children to continue playing with blocks or read books.

Yes, we realise the children enjoy getting to play outside, but the reasons we do this go beyond making them smile.

  1. Health: It’s positive for children’s mental and physical wellbeing (Early Years Learning Framework – EYLF, Outcome 3). They are able to keep active, get fresh air in their lungs, sun on their skin (safely) and immune boosting dirt into their systems. All of these keep the mind and body in tip top shape.
  2. Environment: Children develop a healthy appreciation of nature and learn to “show respect for their environment,” (EYLF, Outcome 2), something which is gaining more importance each day, particularly for their generation.
  3. Education: Children are less constrained to use their imaginations and explore their world, thus further developing dispositions for learning (EYLF, Outcome 4) which will help throughout their entire lifetime

Why stay inside when you can build a castle outdoors?

As Author and Philosopher, Eric Hoffer once said, “It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities and talents.”